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The Kengeleni Bell

A trip to the southern part of Kenya always leaves you awe struck and unwilling to leave. There are plenty of attractions to feast your eyes on in the coast ranging from the pristine sandy beaches, ancient architecture, marine parks, vibrant culture of the inhabitants and the...
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Why do Male Lions Form Coalitions

It is always a powerful and awe-inspiring experience to come across a group of lions in the wild. But why do they do this and what are the benefits of forming these alliances amongst other competitive males? Territory: The more the merrier- and the stronger! A coalition of prime...
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Top 3 Destinations To Visit Before You Die

One will never have no more of things do in Kenya. After all, it is the home of wildlife, endless vistas and spectacular sceneries. It is quite possible that you will see animals that you thought no longer exist or didn’t know exist in the region. It is one of the most alluring...
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Fascinating Facts About Lake Turkana

Often referred to by the Turkana people as ‘Anam Ka’alakol, meaning the sea of many fish, Lake Turkana is a hidden gem in the desert. Lake Turkana and its surroundings, are beautiful irrespective of the desert temperatures. It is located in Northern Kenya and should be on your...
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Gorilla Treking in East Africa

WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE IS BEST FOR GORILLA TRKING IN EAST AFRICA. Nobody ever forgets the first time they come face to face with a mountain gorilla. The world’s largest primate is massively powerful, yet amazingly gentle and caring, and remarkably we share more than 97% of our DNA...
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Zanzibar, Whats Interesting???

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ZANZIBAR Ever wanted to get a way to a place so serene, picturesque and tranquil? Ever wanted to wander on beautiful pristine sandy beaches and get lost in the moment? Or is your idea of fun a mix of jungle safari with lazing on the beach? If so, Zanzibar...
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DESTINATIONS IN KENYA YOU NEED TO ADD TO YOUR BUCKET LIST Kenya’s reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in the world is well-deserved. It has got a mind-blowing array of lakes, beaches, parks, mountains, stunning wilderness areas, beautiful climate and interesting...
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Kenya’s Undiscovered Locations

  KENYA: OFF THE BEATEN PATH DESTINATIONS When it comes to East African travel, Kenya is a country that has on occasion been described as being touristy; a common place, in authentic, overcrowded and overrun with tourists. So is Kenya touristy? Far from it, with 1.26 million...
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7 Reasons To Visit Naivasha

Nakuru County has a wealth of attractions to offer if you are looking for days of fun, travel and loads of excitement. It has excellent weather and it is just a three hour drive from the city. Along the way, feast your eyes on the rugged landscape of the rift valley and the...
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12 Fascinating Facts About the Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Migration is one of the most spectacular wonders of the world! Every year, millions of herbivores move roughly clockwise throughout Tanzania’s Serengeti plains and Kenya’s Maasai Mara grasslands, following the rains in search of green pastures and drinking water. Not...
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The October Heat

HOW WILD ANIMALS IN THE EAST AFRICAN REGION DEAL WITH THE OCTOBER HEAT East Africa is the ultimate travel destination. It boasts of lots of parks which are home to a wide array of animal and plant species. It is in East Africa that you will have a chance to see the big five...
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“The Land of Lava, Springs and Man-Eaters”

TSAVO WEST NATIONAL PARK “The Land of Lava, Springs and Man-Eaters” Did you know that the Tsavo West National Park is home to the largest population of red-skinned elephants as well as to members of the rest of the “Big 5” African animals, namely buffalos, lions,...
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